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Home Office

Create a calm and productive to space in which to work.

Contemporary home office as seen on Grand Designs

As featured in George Clark's ‘Old House New Home’ on Channel 4

Benefits of a bespoke home office

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A calm & productive space in which to work

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Fitted around how you work

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More professional in meetings

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Creating your Perfect Working Space

We work closely with you to create a perfectly tailored and functional workspace that is comfortable and inspiring.

Configured around how you like to work

Fitted to You

We fit your desk and office around you and how you like to work. Your desk can be built to any height which is something to consider if you are taller or shorter than average. You may also prefer to work standing up, which is becoming more popular.


A desk can be fitted to make best use of your space whether it's in a corner or under a window. You may need space for two people to work side-by-side or if your room is bigger, space for a small meeting area. Your home office will be built from high-quality materials, adding style and functionality to your workspace.

Bespoke desk

Lighting & Charging Stations

Lighting is important to build into your office for a calm and productive environment. If you have good natural light then that's a great start, but you will need additional light for gloomy days and evenings. Desk lamps are great for focussed areas of light for reading and writing. We can also fit dimmable lighting under your shelving to give you ambient lighting or to showcase items on display.

If you are in a windowless office then a mix of spot and overhead lighting is important to give you a variety of light sources. Daylight bulbs are also a useful addition to a room without natural light. Our lighting systems are built in as we fit your furniture so that it is hidden and discreet.  Your lighting can be controlled by a switch, remote or an app.

Other useful features for your office include built-in USB charging stations for mobiles and tablets.

lighting for fitted furniture

Cable Management for Your Home Office

Modern living inevitably means a lot of tech! Much of this will find its way into your office with laptops, monitors, printers, routers and chargers for mobile and tablets. These can result in a tangle of cables and extension leads that look unsightly and can become trip hazards.

We build cable management into our designs providing outlets in the most suitable places, and routing any cables that need to pass through units in the neatest way. Cable outlets can be discreet and match your desk or cabinets.

Cable tidy built into desk

Ideas for Home Office

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