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Living Room Furniture

Bringing elegance and focus to your room.

Benefits of Bespoke Living Room Furniture

focal point for living room

Creates a focal point for a room

organised living room

Organises your home

maximising space

Maximises your space

Adds value to your home

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Creating a Space that Works for You

A Choice of Style & Finish

We offer a wide range of styles for your living room furniture - from traditional, shaker style to contemporary modern. You may have a style in mind or you may have collected some examples which we are happy to take reference from. Alternatively, if you're looking for design steer then we can show you examples of previous living room furniture projects and suggest a style to compliment your home and taste.


We also provide a range of finishes for your shelving including a painted finish, melamine or real wood veneer. All have different qualities and advantages which we're happy to talk you through.


Handles & Knobs

Handles and knobs come can add real character to your living room furniture. There are many options to suit all tastes, from modern to traditional. You have various handle shapes to chose from including T bar, button knobs, D bar handles and pull handles (pictured). There is a selection of finishes to choose including stainless steel, brass and satin nickel. Handleless options are also available to you. We can help you make the right choice for your furniture and taste.

brass pull handles for drawer

Lighting & Electrics

As a finishing touch, we recommend adding lighting to your living room furniture. This is a lovely way to highlight your bookshelves or display unit and create a lovely ambience in the room.


When we install our lighting systems, all the cabling is cleverly concealed within the furniture out of site. The lighting itself can be fitted in a groove or recess to avoid glare and ensure a soft light. You'll be able to dim the lights and control which ones are on. The lighting can be managed by a switch, a remote or an app on your phone. We are happy to advise on the best solution for your room.

Any electric sockets that are covered by your new furniture, will remain accessible to you. If you need any new sockets then we can work with an electrician to help you with this.

Bespoke furniture lighting
Cabinet lighting.jpeg

Ideas for Living Room Furniture

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