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7 Essential Office Design Tips

office design tips

Here's our top 7 open design tips

1. Plan your space

If you've been working in your space for a while then you'll have an idea of what works and what you need in your office. When planning your new office or study, start from the positioning of the desk - place your desk close to a natural source of light without causing glare to your screen. Give yourself a view through a window, if you can, with your back to a wall. It's important to get the position right or it can scupper your concentration. Try sitting in different positions before deciding on the location. If you are short of space then a floating desk can be a good option.

Floating desk
Floating desk

Then think about storage, what you need to put away and what you would like kept out. You may want books at arms length but a printer away in a cupboard. Make a list of all the items you will have in your office and how you would like them stored. We will work out the sizing of what you need and will be able to discuss your options for materials and finish.

office design tips
We provide you a 3D drawing before we start work

2. Get the lighting right

Lighting is important in any office. You will need a well lit desk for reading and writing, but you can also use light to create an ambience in the room, and it can cheer up a gloomy weather day! Consider having more than one source of lighting with a spot light on your desk and lighting on your shelving. We can provide lighting with hidden cabling and discreet switches.

office design tips

3. Invest in a comfortable chair

If you're sitting for long periods of time then it's good to have a quality chair that supports your neck, shoulders and lower back. The high end brands, like Herman Miller, offer chairs with adjustable seat height, seat depth and lumbar support, allowing you to fit the chair to your body shape. You can often find these brands sold as refurbished or on the second hand market. Try and vary your position throughout the day and remember to take breaks and move around.

4. Consider the height of your desk

A bespoke office gives you the opportunity to choose the height of your desk. You may be taller or shorter than average so you can choose a height to suit you - we can advise on this.

5. Build in plenty of storage

To create a calm and productive work area we recommend keeping the surfaces as clear as possible. So build in plenty of storage for any clutter and only have items on display that you are using on a regular basis.

Cable management for home office

6. Avoid a tangle of leads

Don't spoil your beautiful bespoke office with unsightly cables. Think about all the gadgets and tech that you have, not forgetting extras like speakers, lamps and Alexa! We will carefully conceal your wiring and provide you with cable management.

7. Accessorise!

Complete your home office with accessories that make you happy and create a calm space to work in. You can add real plants, artwork on the wall and even a splash of colour with a rug or a feature wall.

For more office design tips or to discuss your office ideas, get in touch today. We can come to your home to discuss your requirements and discuss ideas and solutions, you can book a free design visit here.


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