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As featured on Channel 4 with George Clarke

contemporary office George Clarke channel 4

This modern and minimal work space was a project featured on 'George Clarke's Old House, New Home' on Channel 4 (Series 4, Episode 3)

We were brought in to help on this project which featured a real couple in Leamington Spa. The young couple had purchased a 19th century building that needed renovating and modernising. The transformation was completed with the help of interior designers with input from George Clarke.

Freebird were given a plan by the team to be interpreted and turned into a reality. The design had to encompass wall art and discreet lighting. We were given the plans ahead of filming, which enabled us to choose the hardware and create the floating shelves off-site in our workshop.

The simplicity of the finished product makes for a tranquil and serene space in which to work. Simplicity often looks effortless but in reality it requires the most skill and expertise of a carpenter, as any imperfections will stand out and spoil the effect.

The walls of the study were soft block-work so required specialist fittings to hold the floating shelves. We can help you overcome any issues with difficult brickwork or crooked walls as we build bespoke to you.

channel 4 george clarke old house new home

If you would like help building your dream office space then book a design visit today to get started.


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