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How We Created a Gentleman's Closet

gentleman's closet

Gentleman's Closet Furniture - what we did

We created this Gentleman's Closet for a customer in Yorkshire. The gentleman lived with his wife in a newly built stone house, and was a landscape architect having been involved in the Chelsea Flower Show.

The customer had approached Freebird with several projects in the downstairs of his home, including a project in the large hallway where he wanted to create bootroom style shoe and coat storage with a country feel. But he had a very specific request for an unusual alcove space at the bottom of the stairs where he wanted to create a Gentleman's Closet.

The empty alcove space contained a radiator and faced you as you come down to the foot of the stairs and was something that you saw every day. The customer wanted to create an area for that 'one last look in the mirror' before leaving the house. He needed a well organised storage area for his accessories - belts, ties, watches and cufflinks. The area needed to include drawers, a surface, mirror and gentle lighting. The radiator needed to be concealed whilst allowing the heat to continue to flow into the room. Once the gentleman's closet was built, we added final touches with a high quality paint finish in a colour to match the rest of the interior scheme, and soft lighting around the mirror with a discreet switch.

Lighting for gentleman's closet

Lighting is great way to finish your project and show it at its best. We can supply and fit lighting with fully concealed cables and a discreet switch. If there is not an available socket then we can work with an electricians to create new power points.

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