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Fitting your Electrics

There may be electrical outlets on the walls where we plan to fit your bespoke furniture. This is not a problem as we can build the cabinetry around these sockets so that you still have full use of them.

There are two options to choose from:

Option 1 - Remounting the sockets (requires an electrician)

This is the neatest option for your electrics but also the more involved. This option requires an electrician and the work needs to be completed before we arrive.

Mounted electrical box
Remounted face plates in a white melamine cabinet

With this option, we remount the socket in an exact size cutout and carefully plan the cable runs for appliances within the cabinet. We fit an electrical back box into the cutout and then remount the face plate (see fig.2 below).

Your electrician will need to extend the cables from the existing socket (see fig. 1); we recommend a generous length to allow for any wiggle room during the cabinet fitting. If the position of the sockets is changing, for example higher up the wall, then the cables will need to be even longer to reach the new position.

We design the back of the cabinets (see fig. 3) with a 20mm void to the wall as standard, this allows for the extra space needed for the electrical back box.

NB. The electrician needs to have completed this work before we arrive to fit your furniture.

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Option 2 - Cutouts for sockets

The more cost effective option is to simply cut out an area for the sockets on the back panel. This does not require an electrician and we will complete the work for you.

Cutouts for sockets
Cutouts for sockets and air vents

During your design visit we make a note of the sockets and add them to your design drawings. When we build your furniture we add the relevant cutouts to give you full access to your electrics. These cutouts are oversized to allow for wiggle room when levelling your furniture.

Cutouts for sockets bespoke furniture
Sockets are accessed via a cutout

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Please note that the images we've used in this article are older images and all our cabinets are now made with fully finished boards.

If you need further explanation or would like to discuss then contact us here, we'd be happy to help.


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