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5 Great Colour Choices for Painted Furniture

Choosing a colour for your fitted furniture can seem daunting with an overwhelming choice of colours. In this article we share 5 of our popular colours that work really well in a living space.

How to choose a colour for your fitted furniture

Pick a colour that compliments the room and the other furniture around it. If your room is small or dark then, generally, light colours work well as they reflect light and make the room appear bigger. Dark or bolder colours can create a statement piece in your room and give focus.

Try a sample of the paint in your room and view it at different times in the day as the light changes. And of course, the beauty of painted furniture is that the colour can be changed at a later date.

High Quality Paint

We use a high quality paint by Sayerlack for all our fitted furniture which gives you a long lasting quality finish. Our spray paint finish gives you a . We can easily match the colour of your furniture to your favourite Farrow & Ball colour or to any other brand of paint that you like. We can also match the colour to other pieces of furniture in your room.

Here are our most popular colours from Farrow & Ball.

Vardo no. 288

De Nimes no. 299

Down Pipe no. 26

Lamp Room Gray no. 88

Classic alcove in Lamp Room Grey which matches well with the solid oak countertop.

Plummett no. 272

If you have a project that you'd like help with then book a design visit today and we'll visit your home to discuss colours and ideas.


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